End of the Year!!!!!!!!!!! (Audit)



Photo Credit: Mr.OutdoorGuy via Compfight cc

I have done 9 blogs in all since March but including this one i have done 10. Two of these blogs were for school work and they were both poems. The first one was about my clumsiness and the second one was a letter poem to self. The other eight were set by the challenge. I have gotten only 4 comments. All of these were comments from classmates. Can you throw it in the basket? got the most comments with a whopping 2 comments. It was  probably because most people have not heard of disc golf before. I enjoyed posting Can you throw it in the basket? the most because I love disc golf and it is one of my favorite things to do besides fishing and camping of course. I did not change my theme because I liked it the way it was. I have no widgets and I think it would be better if I had more. I don’t have any oversees bloggers on my blogroll.

My brothers first impression was that it was kind of plain and that I should have added a background color. Also that he thought it was stupid that we had to do blogs for school. He liked the pictures that I chose for each of the blogs. He said that I should have a dark color background because the white around the blogs were super bright and it distracted him from reading the stories. He said that I should work on how I word things in my writing and to use proper grammar.


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