Watch for Kangaroos?!!!!


Photo Credit: Constructed Space via Compfight cc


Wow watch for signs and watch the road for animals so you don’t hit them. An airplane ticket to Australia costs over $1,600 dollars. And you would also need a passport which for someone like me who is only 13 would cost $80. I have alway wanted to go to Australia it just seems like an awesome place with its dingoes, tasmanian devils, platypuses, kangaroos, echidna, koalas and many more types of animals.It can sometimes get up to 122 degrees and sometimes it can be well below zero. So I would want to go in the Spring because it probably wouldn’t be that hot or super cold.

Packing would be easy tank tops, shorts and sunglasses. Definitely sunglasses. I would also bring a coat but not like a winter coat but I would bring a coat. I need my blankets, I don’t care if I stayed in a luxury hotel I would use my blankets. It’s just the way I am. I would also pack the things you need on a regular basis such as a brush.

Food is a big thing to me. I may as well eat some burger rings and buy a chiko roll and just Munch down on things Australlians have made. Try new things and see new things. Go on a tour of some sort of animal sanctuary or go in the wild and see some animals in their enviroments. Travel around and learn what it is like to live in Australia and just have fun!!

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